Prof. Matthias Jaeger 

Leibniz IPHT Institute
Jena, Germany

Lecture Title: Large Mode Area Fiber Designs for Megawatt Peak Power Generation in REPUSIL-Based Tapered Amplifiers

Matthias Jäger received his PhD in optics from the University of Central Florida (CREOL). He was a postdoc at the ETH Zürich from 1997 to 1999. Following a two-year stay at Agilent Technologies, he joined ITF Labs in 2001 as Director Test and Measurement. Starting 2006, he worked on fiber laser development at JT Optical Engine in Jena. Since 2011, he has been leading the fiber laser group at the Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technologies. He has published five book chapters and over 100 papers and conference contributions. He is Senior Member of the OSA and member of the SPIE.